Gearing up for Catholic Schools Week

Catholic Schools Week St. Joseph Montessori School 2Joseph Montessori School Primary students (1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders), are gearing up for Catholic Schools Week. The students used their knowledge of still life paintings to create flowers. When placed all together the flowers created "spiritual bouquets" for a bulletin board in the school. With the help of Roxanne Holonitch, St. Joseph Montessori School's Art Specialist, students used a "watercolor resist" technique to create the flowers. The technique involves drawing with crayons. The wax from the crayons "resists" the water from the watercolor paints.

Also, each child in the Elementary building wrote an "I Know..." statement on a slender piece of construction paper. The statements from the children were about topics that bring a great sense of pride to the student. When linked together the paper links form an "I Know Chain." The chain hangs around the bulletin board of spiritual bouquets.