Teacher: Roxanne Holonitch
Art is an inherent piece of the Children’s House curriculum and is integrated into their daily classwork. At the Lower Elementary level, SJMS students begin taking weekly 45-minute art classes with an introduction to Art Basics. New art opportunities are presented as they move up to Upper Elementary and Middle School. All students are exposed to a variety of materials.

Foreign Language: Spanish

Teacher: Kristina Hartzell
St. Joseph Montessori School offers Spanish to children as young as three years old and continues through 8th grade. Studies have shown that introducing a second language to young children is very beneficial as this is the time when children are very inquisitive and excited about learning. In Children’s House our 3-6 year old children learn essential vocabulary that will provide a strong foundation and enjoy singing Spanish songs and reading Spanish books that make learning easy and fun. Vocabulary and pronunciation are highlighted in Lower Elementary as well as development of writing and listening skills. Upper Elementary and Middle School students utilize higher level resources like textbooks and workbooks for reading and writing assignments with an added emphasis on grammar. Our expectation is that Eighth grade students are capable of testing out of high school level Spanish 1.


Teacher: Jessica Appel
St. Joseph Montessori School’s library is designed to support the Montessori curriculum and foster a love of reading in every child. With over 10,000 items in the collection, students, faculty, staff and parents are able to check out and return their own books using the library’s self-checkout station.  As early as Kindergarten, students learn how to operate this and other library technology. Library time for Kindergartners centers on reading and on using library resources. The children are introduced to some of the many ways that information can be organized, created, and used. At the Lower Elementary level to build information- and media-literacy skills to find, evaluate, and use information effectively in multiple formats. Middle School students visit the library independently in search of resources for school projects or books to read for fun. The library has a special collection of Montessori-related materials and resources available for parents.


Teacher: Connor McMonagle
Our music program is built upon the belief that every child is talented.  The curriculum is based upon music literacy, self expression, and an exploration of music from around the world.  Instructional methods include Orff, Kodaly, Dalcroze, Conversational Solfege, and Montessori Bells and Tone Bars.  Additional music opportunities include an array of activities including band, bell choir, piano and annual musical performances. The ultimate goal of the music program is to encourage students to grow up to be lifetime musicians as well as patrons of the arts.

Physical & Health Education

Teacher: Jennifer Beatty
K through 3rd grade focuses on large muscle activities which build strength, coordination and spatial awareness. In Upper Elementary and Middle School (4th through 8th grades) classes emphasize organized sports, games, team work and sportsmanship building. All Health classes integrate fitness, nutrition, safety, and lessons on human body systems related to the physical education lessons. D.A.R.E. program is offered to the 5th and 7th grade students in cooperation with the Franklin County Sheriff Department. Trained officers from the Sheriff Department have been providing the DARE program to our students since 1989.  DARE is one component of our more comprehensive effort to prevent alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use.


Teacher: Cathy Johanni
The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is the Religious Education program for Kindergartners through eighth grade that is based on Maria Montessori’s principles of the Prepared Environment, respect for the child’s capacities, and patient observation of their developmental readiness. Our program provides the children the guidance and vocabulary which enable them to become aware of their relationship with God and give expression to it. The curriculum is designed to dovetail nicely with their classroom work, providing a spiritual context for the wonders they explore on a daily basis. Sacramental preparation is provided for Catholic students who request additional instruction to prepare for First Reconciliation, First Eucharist, and Confirmation. Though students receive the sacraments in their home parishes, preparation classes are provided at Saint Joseph Montessori School. In a small groups setting, these classes allow children to develop their understandings of the beautiful gifts Christ offers them in the sacraments.

Technology & Media Center

Technology is integrated into the Montessori classroom to enhance student learning in a variety of ways. Classroom computers are used to share multimedia resources, complete work across the curriculum, and increase students’ media literacy skills. For interactive, technology-based instruction, teachers may choose to present lessons using a Smart Board or iPads, both of which facilitate student-driven, experiential learning. The school also has video conferencing equipment that can connect St. Joseph Montessori students virtually with other educational resources.