St. Joseph Montessori School is committed to bringing together young people from a broad spectrum of ethnic, national, and religious backgrounds. We welcome diversity and teach our students to deepen their perspective of the world through respect and mutual understanding. Each applicant, regardless of background, is considered according to individual talents and needs, and each is admitted according to the school’s ability to best develop his or her potential.

Our school operates using a rolling admissions program. We receive most applications between October and April, and consider each in the order of submission.

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“I look forward to welcoming you to our school soon! The strong sense of community that our school has enjoyed since its founding allows students, faculty, and families to develop meaningful relationships. This family-like environment is what gives our students the independence to fully be themselves and succeed at St. Joseph Montessori School, as they continue their education in high school and beyond.”

Dara Jackson
Director of External Affairs and Admission
T: 614.291.8601 ext 104
F: 614.291.7411