2013 SJMS MATHCOUNTS Club Achieves Gold Level Status!

This year St. Joseph Montessori School was one of only 240 schools nationwide to achieve Gold Level Status in the 2013 MATHCOUNTS Club Program! MATHCOUNTS students completed a total of six rigorous math challenges throughout the year. Gold Level Status is awarded to schools when enough students score above 80% or higher on the final math challenge.

MATHCOUNTS allows students to expand their math skills in an organized after school activity. Students in sixth grade through eighth grade are eligible to participate. The group is facilitated by the Erdkinder math teacher, Laura Frey. The group meets once per week after school from October through April. These sessions include practice for a competition in February and activities which help the club attain silver level. Once silver level is achieved, the club has the opportunity to earn gold level. MATHCOUNTS students also utilize an online math program called MATHLETICS to increase their math skills and compete with students around the globe.

We would like to congratulate the MATHCOUNTS students and Laura Frey on this significant achievement!  If you would like to see the MATHCOUNTS Gold Level trophy and banner it is proudly being displayed in Erdkinder’s classroom.