St. Joseph Montessori School has a curriculum open to the study of all faiths. A complete program of Catholic religious education is maintained for all students in first through eighth grade. The school provides the diocesan curriculum for parents who want their children educated in Catholic doctrine, including sacrament preparations.

Beginning at the primary level, students cross the St. Joseph Montessori School parking lot several times per year to attend mass at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, a neighborhood parish that has been in existence for more than 135 years.

The religious orientation of the school is varied. While Christianity is the predominant belief, other faiths, including Judaism and Buddhism, are represented in the school population. Slightly more than 30 percent of the students and 46 percent of the teachers are Catholic.

Montessori respects the unique potentials of each child. It offers work that is engaging and promotes a sense of dignity. The best thing about Montessori is that it fosters a sense of stewardship and compassion.
— Cathy Johanni, Religion Teacher

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is the Religious Education program from first through eighth grade that is based on Maria Montessori’s principles of the prepared environment, respect for the child’s capacities, and patient observation of their developmental readiness. Our program provides children the guidance and vocabulary that enable them to become aware of their relationship with God and give expression to it. The curriculum is designed to dovetail nicely with their classroom work, providing a spiritual context for the wonders they explore on a daily basis.

Sacrament Preparations

Sacramental preparation is provided for Catholic students who request additional instruction to prepare for First Reconciliation, First Eucharist, and Confirmation. Although students receive the sacraments in their home parishes, preparation classes are provided at St. Joseph Montessori School. In a small group setting, these classes allow children to develop their understandings of the beautiful gifts Christ offers them in the sacraments.