The program at St. Joseph Montessori School is designed to achieve the following Portrait of a Graduate Characteristics for our students:

Students will be life-long learners. Many of our learning activities are individualized. Each child is involved in work which holds particular interest because it is geared to his or her own pace, repeating a task as often as desired, thus experiencing a series of successful achievements. In this manner, the child acquires a positive attitude toward learning.

Students will be confident. At St. Joseph Montessori School, work is planned so that each new step is built on what the child has already mastered, thereby removing the negative experience of frequent failure. Success after success builds up an individual’s inner confidence and provides assurance that learning is possible. These confidence-building experiences, in turn, contribute to the sound emotional development of the adult.

Students will be independent. At St. Joseph Montessori School, we give each child the gift of independence. This lets them know we value them and know they are capable. Children grow up feeling empowered and safe in their abilities to make sound choices. When we trust them, they learn to trust themselves; ultimately, they become happy and productive members of their communities.

Students will be curious. In a rapidly changing society such as ours, we must all be students during our entire lifetime. Providing students with opportunities to discover qualities, dimensions, and relationships, amidst the rich variety of learning situations, we nurture the development of a natural desire to learn in such a way that the child acquires a habit of being curious, an essential element of creative learning.

Students will be global citizens. Each child is involved in activities and opportunities which broaden his or her vision of the world. Through collaborative work, care of the environment, global education, and conflict resolution, the child gains an appreciation of personal and social responsibilities and acceptance of human differences.