Montessori U: Food Empathy

By SJMS Middle School Teacher, Sarah Weber

soil potted tomato vegetables.jpg

Maria Montessori valued care of the Earth so deeply that she believed children who possessed a sense of connection to the Earth and the environment would learn through the lens of curiosity, gratitude, and wonder. The interdependency of our world is the backbone to many of our Montessori lessons. How we feel about the food we eat directly affects our diet which directly affects our minds and bodies.

I have had the pleasure of working, learning, and farming with both children and adults in a variety of settings from farm schools in Wisconsin to high-yield produce farms in Nebraska and earning my B.S. from the College of Farming, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences through Ohio State University. As a trained AMI Elementary Guide (MTCNE) and Certified Green Teacher (OSU Extension), I am able to combine my background with the resources at our school to offer children a new approach to how they experience food.

Columbus, Ohio has a strong, diverse network of urban farmers and master gardeners, as well as programs, companies, and restaurants that offer (usually free!) supplies, support, and encouragement to people of any age as they choose to grow their own food. As we continue to build our network as a school within this movement of food empathy, I hope that you will join us for our next Montessori U on March 22, 2018 at 6:00pm in the Multi-Purpose Room to explore and problem-solve how, by growing even just one edible plant, you too can change the way children experience food.