Parent Development Committee Will Be Contributing to the SJMS Blog

The SJMS Parent Development Committee will be contributing to the SJMS blog during the 2016-2017 school year addressing common issues parents face during their children's development. Entries will be submitted by teachers on the Parent Development Committee, other SJMS teachers, professionals who work with children, and parents like you!

Teachers on the Parent Development Committee:

  • Eunyoung Chae, Primary 2 Teacher
  • Michael Graham, Erdkinder Teacher
  • Sandra Matheny, Music/Band/Choir Teacher
  • Bill Reed, Middle School Teacher
  • Pen Ripke, Children’s House 3 Teacher
  • Carolyn Thomas, Children’s House 2 Teacher
  • Bethany Torres, Children’s House 3 Teacher

If you have any topics or themes that you would like us to touch upon, please email Bethany Torres, the facilitator of this committee, at, so that the issue can be addressed.