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Our goal is to raise $48,000 before June 30 with 100% community participation from parents, board, faculty and staff.

Help us reach our goal today! Donate online below or bring your pledge card and payment to the SJMS office.

Can you give $10-$20 every month? Monthly payment options are available through FACTS or the PayPal donate button below!

How's our goal looking so far?

$36,445 total raised
100% Board of Trustees participation
97% Teacher and staff participation
45% Parent participation

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Your support of the SJMS Annual Fund has the power to make an immediate impact on the daily lives of SJMS students – from programming enrichment to faculty support to facilities improvement.


Annual Fund FAQs

What is The Annual Fund?

Most private schools and non-profit organizations obtain gifts on an annual basis to support yearly budget or general operations. Funds at St. Joseph Montessori School are solicited by mail. What distinguishes this fund from others is the regularity of the solicitation and the unrestricted use. Unrestricted means the school can use the donations toward any purpose at the school. Donors at St. Joseph Montessori School, however, are given the option to give to one of three areas including operations, building fund, or area of greatest need.

Why should I give to The Annual Fund?

Making a meaningful gift to the Annual Fund is one of the most important ways you can express your support for our school and your belief in our mission. “Meaningful gift” is defined as what your family can afford; for some families this is $5, while for others it may be $50, $1,000, or $10,000. The only gift that is too small is no gift at all!

What is the Gap?

St. Joseph Montessori School, as at most private schools, our tuition revenue covers between 75% and 80% of the cost of operating the school. We make up the difference — “the gap” as we call it — through a combination of grants, auxiliary program revenue, reimbursement for administrative services from the State of Ohio, investment income from our modest endowment, and most importantly, fundraising.

What does The Annual Fund support?

Your Annual Fund gift is helping us to achieve our mission — a commitment to a “learning environment that respects the uniqueness of each child in reaching his or her full potential.” Recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as a Blue Ribbon school in 1994 and 2004, St. Joseph Montessori School consistently demonstrates a commitment to excellence in learning. Your annual fund gift directly supports the attributes that make SJMS one of the greatest educational assets in central Ohio:

  • Low student-to-teacher ratio
  • Specialized instructors in Montessori education, foreign language, music, art and physical education
  • Need-based financial aid which enables us to remain an economically diverse community
  • Professional development for staff

2016-17 Annual Fund Supporters
We are so grateful to the generous donors who make it possible for St. Joseph Montessori School to continue to offer an exceptional academic environment that values the "whole child."

Leadership Circle  $10,000+

Founder's Circle  $5,000-$9,999
Becky & Joe Keglewitsch

1968 Society   $1,968-$4,999
Anonymous Donor
Laraine & Ben Martin
Heather & Nick Zerbi

Hamlet Street Supporters  $500-$1,967
Anonymous Donors
Peter Anderson & Kathleen Sandman
Jamie & Christopher Barcelona
Jennifer & Mike Brello
James Eaton & Emily Glenn
Seth Gray & Alaina Shearer
Anna & Mark Jenson
Gretchen & Jake Hammond
Ed Hohmann & Basia Nowak
Anne & John Hohmann
Sandy Mason
David O'Carroll & Leah Basobas
The Reed Family
Penny & Frank Shyjka
Carolyn Thomas
Dylan Wirtz & Christina Lycynesky

Montessorians   $49-$499
Anonymous Donors
Jennifer & Brian Anaya
Aurokiam Anthuvan & VanithaZacharias
Dr. Liberato Basobas and Gloria Basobas
Pat & Terry Berring
April & Martin Blaine
Anthony Bocija
Anne Boninsegna & Amy Mullins
Evan Boylan
Amy & Matthew Brenner
Natasha & Burton Brooks
Trevor Brown & Elizabeth Haydel
Amanda & Robert Bundy
Robyn & Shayne Caples
Jessika & Marcus Casey
Tony Celebrezze & Stephanie Tresso Celebrezze
Eunyoung Kim Chae
Chris Chapman & Keely Kurtas-Chapman
Johnathan Cockrell
Christine & Dwight Crum
Kate & Dan Culley-Rapata
Carol Dedischew
Leonard DeRiggi
Ryan DeYoung & Phoebe Stulz DeYoung
Flo & Ray Dyer
Paige Emling
Joan Fiorella
Mr. & Mrs. James T. Fonow
Natalie & John Furniss
Leslie & JT Gant
Margaret & Bill Gibson
Brittnee Graves
Linda & Larry Hankison
Chris Hanson
Ryan Hatch
Chris Hawker & Sommer Renaldo
Jill Hayes & Mike Squires
Julie Hessler
Adam Hohl & Ayisha Marawi
Janet & Andy Ingraham Dwyer
The Ingraham Family Trust
Dara Jackson
Maria & Kal Jagjiwan
Leslie & William Jankowski
athy Johanni
Lisa Jolley
Bonnie Jones
Vivian & Josef Keglewitsch
Melissa & Brendan Kelley
Erin & David Kennedy
Sandra & Ed King
Kathy Koehler
Catherine & Peter Kropp
Natalia Lebedin
Elizabeth & Jens Linde
Robert Lount
Jordan & Darren Malhame
Melinda Martin
Rebecca McCloskey
Marcella Merriman
Carrie & Eric Messerly
Lindsey Miller
Penny & Toby Miller
John Mokas & Kelly Casto
Chris Morford
Jennifer & Steve Mullaney
Molly Murphy
Susan & Bill Myers
Maurice Neyou & Ariane Tsemo
Rosa & Alan Ocheltree
Ben Oh & Brandy Richards
Chris Otter & Tina Sessa
The Overly-Sheterom Family
Liza & Rick Paul
Susan & Michael Petty
Tracy & Rex Plouck
Kai Raab & Meg Daly
Peter Radcliffe & Shayne Simpson
Michelle & Jim Reese
Ronnie Romito & Marguerite Hernandez
Elizabeth & Alex Roush
Sacred Heart 50th Reunion
Jen & John Schaffner
Emma & Aaron Serfass
Allyson & Derek Sharp
Holly & Todd Shaver
Alan Sheppard & Dale Deubler
Susan & Van Shuff
Daniel Singleton & Karin Vermander
Joyce Smith
Stephanie Smith
Mike Squires & Jill Hayes
Amy Stewart
Sonya & David Thesing
Bill Tobin & Ann Miller-Tobin
Didri & John Tonelli
Kari Uhl & Jim Weber
Julie & Michael Warner
Jim Weber & Kari Uhl
Sarah Weber
Dirk White & Katie Cibulskas
Amy Williams
Charles Wilson & Julie Barry
Dea & Johannes Wuerdig
Jeff Zhao & Ning Wang
Kathy & Doug Yannucci

Pink Tower Patrons - Up to $48
Anonymous Donors
Kim Bonner
Tiffany & Grady Cooper
David Esker & Linda Miller
Sam Frost
The Graham Family
Britnee Graves
Stephanie Green
Jessica Hazelbaker-Buell
Roxanne Holonitch
Amanda Jelley
Tommy Jones
Wendy Kennedy
Christina MacLeod
Bethany Torres Mann
Elba Martinez-Rosado
Sandra Matheny
Kathryn Miracle
Chris Morford
Shinji Naka & Po-Yin Yen
Jennifer Petric
Pen Ripke
Latica Saunders
Joy Sorg
Alicia & Chris Stewart
Adrienne & Daniel Wagner
Nathan Wallace & Sara Crosby
Spencer & Elizabeth Wood