Head of School, bRENDA HUTH

Head of School, bRENDA HUTH

Welcome to SJMS

For over 50 years, St. Joseph Montessori School has been living Dr. Maria Montessori words, “to educate the human potential” by means of scientifically prepared environments. These environments provide a wide variety of equipment and materials, employ a multi-sensory approach to learning, and free the child to choose activities according to individual interests, abilities, and talents within certain set limits. The opportunity to participate in one’s own education provides the child with a context for growing academically, socially, emotionally. At St. Joseph Montessori School, the child’s ability to direct his or her own learning is guided by the Montessori belief in freedom with responsibility.

Our school exists as an educational alternative which values and is committed to serving a diverse population with varying needs and aptitudes. We believe our services must extend beyond the classroom. Educational opportunities provided for families enable parents to reinforce and enrich the child’s learning. Staff members are offered the means and resources for professional growth and are provided an environment which encourages initiative, creativity, and collaborative decision-making.  We believe that respect, cooperation, and mutual support among students, parents, staff, and community members are critically important to a child’s success in school and must be actively fostered by all participants.

We at St. Joseph Montessori School believe that as a result of a Montessori education, each child will exhibit the Portrait of a Graduate characteristics of confidence, competence, independence, respect for him or herself, for others, and for the world around them. Students will exercise initiative and persistence in completing learning tasks—exhibit sensitivity, curiosity, creativity, and a spirit of discovery in his or her approach to life and learning.  

Feel free to stop in and say hello, set up a time to observe in a classroom, and attend parenting workshops and events.  I look forward to seeing you on campus.

Brenda Huth
SJMS Head of School
(614) 291-8601 ext. 102