LEGO Sumo Wrestling

LEGO Sumo Wrestling is a project in which students design Sumo Robots that seek to push each other out of the ring. Utilizing the motors and sensor from our EV3 kits, students design, construct, and program the robots, utilizing lifts, plows, or any other design feature that may give them an advantage. This project introduces new concepts in programming like if-then-else statements. It also introduces the use of the Touch and Color sensors.

Watch this video to help visualize!

RPi Weather Station

Raspberry Pi Weather Stations are customizable weather stations that allow students to collect weather data using a variety of sensors that are all connected to a Raspberry Pi. They can be designed with passive instruments (like thermometers and barometers) and active instruments (like a rain gauge and anemometer.) The project challenges students in many ways. For example, to have the weather station log wind gusts, the students must program the instruments to store and output the peak wind speed reached over the last hour! Once installed and functioning, students can then work to design an interface so that the data can be displayed online and shared with the public.

Check this out for an idea of what we’re trying to do.




FIRST’s program for students ages 6 - 10, this project introduces a new challenge each year that relates to a real-world issue. For the 2018-19 season, FLLJr is challenging students to travel to the moon! In teams, students will first explore many of the challenges we face in colonizing the moon. What will we eat and drink? How will we get energy? How will we breathe? What will we do for fun? Teams will be challenged to design a moon base and utilize the WeDo 2.0 set to build and program at least one motorized part for their moon base. Teams will also create a Show Me poster that shares what they have learned during the project.

Check out the Mission Moon Challenge Letter for more information!

LEGO Obstacle Courses

Students will hone their robotics skills by tackling obstacle courses of their own design. Utilizing EV3 robotics sets, small teams will plan, construct, and program their vehicles to navigate the way through a series of challenges including steps, zig-zags, and much more. As we progress, we will hopefully find ways to start adding in our ultrasonic, color, touch, and gyro sensors!

Here’s an example of what our obstacle courses could look like!


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