Ages 12-14 years (7th-8th grade) - Teachers: Kelsey Gordon & Michael Graham

The Erdkinder classroom runs their own website at where you can find more information on their daily activities.

The Erdkinder program builds on a strong Montessori foundation through practical work in the classroom and the community. Erdkinder students experiment as individuals and alternate academic studies with practical life experiences. They learn to set challenging goals and become masters of their own time in preparation for success in high school.

Algebra Placement/Credit

Students in the 7th grade who score in the 90th percentile or higher during the fall administration of the Terra Nova test are eligible to take the Algebra Placement Exam in the spring. This requirement applies to both students who take the test for credit as well as students who may take the non-credit Algebra class.

Annual Class Trip

Erdkinder students have an annual class trip that is an extension of the classroom curriculum. Because this trip is an extension of classroom curriculum and a prepared step toward the mental and social independence of the Erdkinder students, participation is limited to the 7th and 8th grade and their teachers. The students along with the guidance and support of their teachers will develop class projects related to their trip, and determine the cost and logistics of the trip. The Erdkinder trip will include a maximum of 5 days of travel. During the course of the trip, students will keep a daily journal in which they will record their thoughts of the day. Students should be prepared to share this journal with their parents and/or the Head of School after the trip. Erdkinder students with the help of their teachers and parents engage in fundraising activities to support the cost of the trip. Practical life lessons allow the trip to be successful. The students are prepared for the physical, moral, and social independence that is an integral part of such a trip away from home. A special bonding among the students and a new self-awareness are benefits associated with this experience.

Beyond St. Joseph Montessori School

People who come across St. Joseph Montessori students frequently remark that there is a distinct difference in their ability to assume responsibility and leadership, communicate well, think insightfully, and be resilient. These are the trademarks of a Montessori child. St. Joseph Montessori is proud of the fact that its graduates are accepted to schools of their choice and transition to traditional classrooms with ease. We have been in Columbus for more than 40 years, serving many local families and building an excellent reputation. This is due to our incomparable Montessori program and the commitment of our teachers and staff to Dr. Montessori’s principles. We hope that every St. Joseph Montessori student completes our comprehensive Montessori curriculum through 8th grade. Children who complete our programs already exhibit skill and self-confidence and are frequently admitted to their families’ schools of choice.

The older the child, the easier the transition to a traditional school. Most St. Joseph Montessori students report that they settled quickly into the routine of regular classrooms and periods. We attribute this to the self-confidence and problem solving skills that Montessori children develop.

Where Our Students Have Been Offered Admission and Scholarships

Bishop Hartley High School
Bishop Ready High School
Bishop Watterson High School
Centennial High School
Columbus Academy
Columbus Alternative High School
Columbus International School
Columbus School for Girls
DeSales High School
Dublin Coffman High School
Fort Hayes
Metro High School
St. Charles Preparatory School
The Graham School
The Wellington School
Westerville South