Though the digital school calendar is the most up-to-date source for events at SJMS, we are offering a printable, 8.5" x 14" PDF version of the calendar for your convenience.

2016-2017 School Calendar (Updated: August 22, 2016)

Curriculum Map

St. Joseph Montessori School is pleased to offer you this Curriculum Map, a broad overview of the educational experiences we offer at our school for each level. The Curriculum Map is a result of our collaboration as educators. It aims to demonstrate the genius of the Montessori approach, which meets the needs of each individual student through a prepared environment, and a teaching method that respects the growing child.

Curriculum Map PDF

Becoming a Montessori Parent

If the Montessori philosophy and method of education is new to you, there is a lot to learn and it can be overwhelming. The best way to learn is to experience Montessori through the eyes of your child. However, it is important to understand a bit about what and how your child will be learning. To get started:

  • Come to an open house or schedule a tour of our campus
  • Observe an age-appropriate classroom
  • Familiarize yourself with the basics of the Montessori Method by reading books by or about Maria Montessori, perusing the websites of Montessori accrediting bodies like the American Montessori Society, and attending parent education events here at SJMS.

As a Montessori parent, there is much you can do to reinforce and build on your child’s classroom experience. Take time to fully understand the Montessori approach by reading and asking questions. Create continuity in your child’s development by using the Montessori principles of order, independence, and self-motivation at home.